Amigo Electrical Services Inc. is a family owned and operated electrical company that was initially created with the homeowners in mind, but due to its excellent service and prompt response, it has also captured a great part of the commercial and institutional market. And in response to its commercial and institutional clients needs, Amigo has assembled a team of professionals to provide quality fast service, project development and design.


Its founder, Luis Anchondo, is a Certified Master Electrician (CME) and a Professional Electrical Contractor (PEC) with over 35 years of electrical expertise. In addition to its unparalleled service, Amigo employs great emphasis on safety.


Service work requires troubleshooting skills and extensive knowledge of electrical systems and their operation. Such knowledge enables Amigo to perform repairs and installations with minimal structural disturbance. Safety is also Amigo's target: the application of safety assessments and the use of safety devices greatly minimizes the risk of fire and electrical shock.


Amigo Electrical Services Inc. is an outstanding member of the Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECCA) and an accredited A+ member of the BBB of Southern Alberta.


Amigo Electrical Services Inc. only employs Certified Journeyperson Electricians who have a proven record of excellence in service work & customer service.


Suite 634, 440-10816 Macleod Trail SE

Calgary, AB T2J 5N8